AKAI MPC Fly for iPad2

On January 20, 2012, in DJ EQUIPMENT, DWU, GADGETS, IPAD, by PapaNige
Remember lugging around that old 20 pound MPC 60 from session to session ? Well, your next MPC may not weigh much more than a 10 inch tablet. AKAI has introduced the “FLY”, an accessory for the iPad 2, which turns it into a mini MPC.  The FLY is essentially an iPad2 case with a built in Lithium Ion battery. It’will work with AKAI’s app and any other MIDI compliant app in the ITunes store.   The folks at AKAI believe the small footprint and light weight will allow you to make beats on the… “FLY”.  Get it?  Ok , so the story behind the name is corny but the product concept is kinda cool. Continue to check the promo video from AKAI.  
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