Matt Mullenweg’s Bell & Ross Radar Watch

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Matt Mullenweg Bell Ross Matt Mullenwegs Bell & Ross Radar Watch This one’s for you Matt… readers know that I don’t spend a lot of blog space explaining which watch actors and athletes are currently paid to endorse. I will however discuss watches on the wrists of people I respect and that have good enough taste to choose something nice. WordPress and Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg is also a watch lover. Like many San Francisco and Silicon Valley horophiles, Matt is a bit more private about his fascination with watches. He told me once that it started with a Panerai he saw in a store window. Nevertheless, these important captains of industry and genius engineers are one of the largest and most important watch loving demographics in the US. These guys buy watches because they appreciate the mechanics and craftsmanship, not because they saw them in a fashion magazine. Bell Ross Radar Watch Matt Mullenwegs Bell & Ross Radar Watch Like millions of other blogs out there, is WordPress-based. That makes it extra special to me that the guy who developed this software is into what I am into. At the San Francisco WordPress Wordcamp Hack Day, Matt is seen above wearing a Bell & Ross BR01-92 Radar. I first discussed it here. The original one from about 2009 where Bell & Ross first swapped hands for moving discs to tell the hours, minutes, and seconds. What a perfect picture of Mullenweg (taken by Sheri Bigelow). Watch on wrist, WordPress logo on hoodie, and hand on computer. All that’s missing is jazz music and a serious camera.
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